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Hockey Glove Repalming & Repair

Hockey glove repalming and repair is one of our specialties. Hockey glove services include: hockey glove repalming, gusset repair, patchwork and replacement of materials. For glove repalming choose from leather or DuraSoft.

Choose from any of the services below:

New Palms (Leather) Adult & Youth $40.00 each ($80/pair)
New Palms (DuraSoft) Adult & Youth $40.00 each ($80/pair)
Gusset* Repair Extra $8.00 - $20.00 each
Glove Customization Quote Price

*material between fingers.

Please note that pricing is only an estimate. A quote will be provided upon arrival.

 University of Minnesota's Blake Wheeler #17 - before

 after repalming

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